Sunday, June 25, 2006

I apologize to those readers who do not understand Dutch, do not think that I am neglecting you. I did not have much time to blog, nor did I have much to blog about in English. I am following the reports on the attack against the army post near Kerem Shalom ( the website of Dutch television NOS told us until a few hours ago that the IDF had invaded the Gaza Strip; not only was that not true ( yet ), but they forgot to mention the Palestinian attack ) closely, but I cannot think of anything insightful that can be said right now, at least not by me. An article in Dutch ( about children being the first victims of this conflict, even more so than the truth ) was published in a Dutch daily, I already made an English translation and am trying to get it published in one or more European newspapers. As soon as I know whether or not it will be published outside Holland I will post it on my blog as well.

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