Saturday, June 10, 2006

IDF officials have reported that the killing of civilians on the Gaza beach yesterday could have been caused by a stray artillery shell or by the Palestinians themselves. In the first case Israel is still responsible, I am afraid, the second assumption would almost be too 'good' to be true, although the fact that the Palestinians refuse to disclose the exact location and time of the explosion raises suspicions and many questions. This would not be the first time that the Palestinians hurt their own people - on purpose or by chance - and Israel gets all the blame. The dead and wounded are a very welcome 'excuse' for Hamas to break the diplomatic and political deadlock that it has reached internationally and in its struggle with Fatah and the Palestinian president ( e.g. about the referendum on the prisoners' "statehood manifesto" ).

Still, the damage to Israel is done and innocent people were murdered. If you understand Dutch you should have a look at the website of Holland's most popular daily, de Telegraaf. I knew that people - especially those who have an irresistible urge to leave feedback on newspaper's websites - can be stupid, misinformed, biased and violent, but comments such as the following made my skin crawl ( I tried to keep the translations as verbal as possible, and not to turn the often faulty grammar into correct sentences, and I did not translate any predictable comments by people who used 'Muslim-sounding names' ):

  • "...Excellent, boys, wipe Israel off the map, they asked for it."
  • "...the Jews over there are the biggest threat to world peace..."
  • "...time for a pogrom in the Gazastrip and then continue towards Iran."
  • "It's about time for Israel and the allies to raze the whole mess in that sandbox to the ground, and exterminate them once and for all with atomic bombs (*), because they will want to fight until eternity, those contaminated Islamites"
  • "Let them destroy each other. After that we will divide the land among the neigboring countries."
  • "Israel should persist once and chase all Palestinians off the globe. Maybe they could sweep off some more Islamites at the same time. Only then will we have quiet."
  • "Maybe some German Apache helicopters should shoot the hell out of the Dutch on ( the ) Zandvoort ( beach ), before they realize what occupation and injustice is."
  • "The Jews only use aggression to get more attention and land [...] we should have let them bob up and down on the sea ( on the Exodus )..."
  • "Those Jews should stop the bullshit over there, leave the Palestinians alone and give the Palestinians their land back! As long as Israel does not do that Palestina's attacks are simply justifiable."
  • "Stealing the land of the Palestinians with help from the West as compensation for the evils of World War II in Europe, calling it Israel because it is written in some book, expecting that the Palestinians will accept that, imagine that Germany invades Holland because it is written in a book, do we have to accept this also, just like that? No, so we fight them with all kinds of means...not?"
  • "It is heartrending to see how defenseless children are used as targets for shooting practice. Did those people not learn anything from their own history. Who can still explain to me the difference between a nazi and an Israeli soldier. It's a shame that we as Western society do not get more excited about that. Israel calls down its own misfortune upon itself, and then afterwards again the compassion raising Jewish propaganda. It makes me vomit."
  • "...It is clear to me that Israel wants to destroy Palestine and that the Palestinians, out of self defense, aim at the same goal. [...] If Iran wants to help the Palestinians I would not mind if they make nuclear weapons and give them to the Palestinians."
  • "It is very clear that Israel does not want peace, and it is only appropriate that Iran calls for wiping Israel off the map, because they know that you cannot enter into an agreement with Jews. The Jews never sticked to agreements, because they think that they are super human. Sooner or later the tide will change, and the Jews should wish that they had been friendlier to their fellow humans... The Jews have all the trump cards in their hands, they can decide peace or war."
  • " Weep, weep, weep, that's all they do when talking about the Holocaust, but in the meantime they slaughter women and innocent children for years under the pretext of the fight against terrorism. If I am not mistaken Israel started by stealing land from the Palestinians, that makes Israel the terrorist and not the other way around. First the Palestinians were called freedom fighters but now that the Bushies are in power they suddenly became terrorists. The Jewish lobby, that is allowed to do anything under the pretext of so-called retaliation, makes me throw up, yuck!"
  • "...hope that Iran will soon have an atomic bomb at least then the proportions are a bit more fair maybe then the Jews will think twice before they carry out another act of terror."
  • "...the Jews want to receive everything and return nothing. [...] It is really unbelievable what those Jews have done..."
  • "If it was up to me Israel and Palestine could be wiped off the map, then we would be rid of the whole mess. Tell me honestly, what is their added value here on earth?"

(*) this sounds like a'supporter' of Israel. It does not seem that he has any idea about the distances over here, or that he has any clue about nuclear fallout.

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