Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mr B. Netanyahu is playing Mr Smarty-Pants again. He has the right solutions for all our woes. Of course, if he had been chosen Israelis would be living in peace and quiet now, wouldn't they? Oh no, I forgot, we still would be haunted by the results of Oslo and disengagement, right? Ha'Aretz News Flash: 12:47 Netanyahu: IDF has operational capability to wipe out Gaza (Haaretz) Thank G'd it is not him who is PM right now, things are bad enough as they are already. PS: In all fairness I must admit that I wrote this posting based only on the newsflash. It should be added that Mr Netanyahu said "...but chose not to do so." I still believe that he should not speak out something that is both so obvious and so obviously impossible and wrong, but that is another issue.

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