Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Not that it really matters anymore, the damage has been done, but it becomes more and more unlikely that an Israeli shell killed seven Palestinians last Saturday, and it is highly probable that a Hamas bomb - one of many that were planted all over the Gaza beach in order to hurt Israeli naval commandos who Hamas thought would come into Gaza from the sea to attack Qassam launching cells - is the cause of the disaster. Read this article by Amos Harel of Ha'Aretz ( a newspaper that knows how to criticize and accuse the IDF and the Israeli government if it has a reason and a solid basis to do so ) and you will see that the IDF-massacre-claims by Hamas and by all other friends of Israel are mostly based on hot air and on propaganda that is aimed at strengthening ( or rather at limiting the damage to ) Hamas' position internationally, within the Arab-Muslim world and most of all within Palestinian society. The three main arguments that say much for the theory of a Hamas-induced accident and speak against an IDF shell having caused the killing are:
  • The shrapnel. Three people wounded in the blast are now hospitalized in Israel. Shrapnel was apparently removed from their bodies, and this is likely to reinforce the conclusion that the explosion was caused by a bombrather than a shell.
  • The crater. Based on photographs, the crater left on the beach by the blast seems to have been made by an explosion from below (a mine), not a hit from above (a shell).
  • Intelligence. Israel has amassed considerable information indicating that over the past few weeks, ever since Israeli commandos infiltrated Gaza and killed a rocket-launching cell, Hamas has been systematically mining the northern Gaza beach in an attempt to keep Israeli commandos from landing there again.
I do not have time or patience to sit and search for articles in foreign media that will mention the findings of the IDF committe of inquiry to the incident, especially because I know for sure that if those media write or talk about those findings - and if at all they are willing to give credence to an IDF inquiry: after all, it is much fancier to believe those poor Palestinians, no matter who is leading those Palestinians and most media by the nose -, no medium will give the same prominence to a corrected version of events that it gave to the 'original', more dramatic and black-and-white ( and anti-Zionist ) and therefore more interesting version. As I said, the damage already has been done, and nobody is interested in a more nuanced and complex interpretation of reality. So Israel carried out a massacre in Jenin in April 2002 and another on the beach of Gaza on June 10th 2006. This is a war that Israel simply cannot win, which does not mean that we should stop trying.

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