Monday, June 05, 2006

This morning on the website of Ha'Aretz I found this excellent article by Bradley Burston, titled "Why the occupation will never end". It is full of cynicism and lacks any optimism, but it presents us with a very realistic view on our present and on what our near and not so near future will look like. Burston basically says that too many interests on all sides of the conflict are served by a continued occupation for that occupation to completely become a part of the past. He writes something interesting about leftist anti-Israel boycotters: "... the people who implement anti-Israel boycotts and divestitures abroad, tend not to deign to make contact with the masses of Israelis working against the Occupation, preferring to deal with a small coterie of a high-profile, low-following dilettantes. [...] As yet another in a series of boycott and divestment efforts demonstrates, the point of these exercises is to make the proponents of the boycotts feel better about themselves. The Not in My Name School of free-trade coffee house liberalism." The latter idea happens to be one of the points that I raise in an opinion article - written by me and partly based on an idea by Karin Kloosterman, who is mentioned as its co-writer - that I sent yesterday to a Canadian newspaper. The article ( and a Dutch version of it ) will appear later this week or early next week on DBI. Let's first see if I will be able to get it printed in a Canadian, English or American newspaper.

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