Friday, June 02, 2006

Three months ago my seven-year-old daughter and I went to Holland for a ten days' holiday. One of the purposes of the trip was to help and motivate her to learn Dutch. It worked, since we returned she often really tries to talk Dutch to me, she tries to help her little brother to say things in Dutch, she really likes to do all kinds of exercises ( exercise booklets, CD-ROMs ) and games ( she did all that before, but now she takes the initiative ), and every evening between having a bath and going to bed she and her brother watch one or two short episodes of a Flemish children's programme on DVD that her two little cousins ( my sister's daughters ) like. As much as our daughter's Dutch has improved, her eldest ( oldest? ) cousin also improved her Hebrew. She already knew how to say 'Shalom', 'MaNishma?' ( How are you? ), and 'BeSeder' ( All right, o.k. ). Now she also knows how to write Hebrew. We left a DVD at my parents' house, "Bible Stories with Grandpa Tuvia". Tuvia Tsafir is one of Israel's best-known artists. He became very famous as an actor and impersonator, and about five years ago he started a new career as a children's performer. Children's DVDs and stage shows with him in the role of the giant PimPamPo and Grandpa Tuvia have been an enormous success. Even though my sister's daughters do not understand the songs on the Bible stories' DVD, they know the stories. They watched the DVD many times after we left, and this week the eldest even copied the letters on the box as you can see ( she wrote "Grandpa Tuvia" ). Our daughter was really excited when she saw it.

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