Monday, June 26, 2006

We always feel a bit uncomfortable when we see or hear parents or other family members plea to those who kidnapped their father, mother, son, daughter etc. The automatic response is that one should not negotiate with and humiliate oneself in front of the terrorists, but we all know that if it was our son, daughter etc. who was held captive we would not hesitate and do whatever we think that the terrorists want us to do only so that our loved one(s) will come home safe and in good health. Meanwhile, as so often, some pathetic politicians already know exactly what should be done, who should be fired ( "MK Lieberman: PM Olmert should fire Defense Minister Peretz " ) and whom should be fired at ( "MK Lieberman: We should turn Haniyeh's house into a parking lot" ). They - and others - share their been-there-done-that wonderplans ( "MK Steinitz: Set out for Defense Shield 2 in Gaza" ) with us only to score a few lousy points in this or that poll. Bibi shows his legendary leadership skills by trying to lead the bunch, and Avigdor Lieberman seems to know something that most experts are definitely not sure about ( "PM Haniyeh knew of the attack and gave his authorization" ). Maybe we should be glad that Hamas is governing Gaza these days. O.k., the organization is behind much of the violence that is pouring out of Gaza, and the power struggles within Palestinian society are probably what led to the anarchy that reigns in Gaza and to the attack yesterday, but on the other hand, the only thing that somehow might serve as a life insurance for poor Gil'ad Shalit is the political arm of Hamas knowing that it is responsible for his well-being, that it has a lot to lose ( and a lot to win by bringing this affair to a good end ), and that its leaders ( and the Palestinian people ) will pay dearly if something happens to this soldier. Let's hope ( and pray, for those of us who believe ) that common sense and all sides' interests will determine the outcome of this story, so that Gil'ad will very soon be reunited with his parents and siblings.

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