Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Don't worry if I do not post something after this or that missile attack on Haifa and its surrounding area. Since Sunday, every day there are about four or five big or small volleys that land here at daytime, plus at least one or two false alarms. I just do not have something interesting to write after every attack, and sometimes I am simply too tired to go up to my study and write a few lines, and run down the stairs again the moment we hear the sirens. There is no panic, not at all, but there is a lot of stress, and stress makes me tired physically. Sometimes the kids get on our nerves, but over all they are behaving wonderfully. We never played so many boardgames as in the last five days. I wrote a short article for the Dutch-Jewish weekly, which will publish a special issue this week. I also offered an idea for an article to another Dutch newspaper today. This probably will be my last update for today. I am going to relax a little, watch a sit-com on video or something like that. Good evening and good night.

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