Friday, July 28, 2006

It is harder than I thought to find some time for blogging. Also, I must admit that I do not follow the news as I did in the first week of the war, when we were unable to leave the house and surfing the web was a good way to pass the time. I am tired, have a pretty bad cold, and my wife and I spend most of the daytime being with our children. They are enjoying an unexpected holiday, courtesy of Hassan Nasrallah. Until now all visits that we made to Holland as a family were in winter. This time we have wonderful weather most of the time ( a little bit too hot, even ) and we rented a car, so we have seen and will continue to visit parts of Holland that we never saw before. Most of the sites and events that we visit are free or have a minimal entrance fee. We visited a beautiful pet farm and a water-playground in Delft, played midget golf and visited the National Balloon Days in Friesland, and we took a subscription to a number of indoor/outdoor playgrounds. I should start a slightly more regular and organized working routine, but I have been unable so far to force myself to do that. Technical difficulties prevent me from posting pictures. I really hope we will be able to return home soon. Except for our daughter it seems all of us are homesick, no matter how much we are enjoying ourselves. I am afraid, though, that the end of the war is not really near yet. When we ask my parents-in-law when, according to Israeli commentators and analysts, the war will end, they always reply "About a week, maybe ten days". We have been hearing that answer for more than two weeks now. Shabbat shalom.

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