Monday, July 17, 2006

It is Katyusha time in Haifa. Several missiles fell in different parts of the city. We have been in the security room of my parents in law for over an hour now. Every time that we wanted to leave the room a new siren sounded. The first siren started while I was talking on the phone to the chief editor of the Dutch Jewish weekly which will publish, in a special about the war, a short article that I wrote last night. She wanted me to do a report about the inhabitants of a Dutch-Jewish home for the elderly in Haifa during the war, but she understood that I am not going to leave our home ( or my parents in law's ) for quite a while, and that such a report or any interview with those elderly will have to be made by telephone. One of the missiles ruined a three storey house, but it seems that nobody was killed, which would be a miracle if I have to believe the pictures and the police spokesman. Hizbullah claims it brought down an Israeli plane, but the IDF and IAF deny this. The pictures shown on Al-Jazeera do not appear to be of a fighter jet that is coming down. The IAF says it attacked a truck with missiles that exploded and flew around. What the pictures supposedly show is one of the missiles coming down and igniting a heap of rubber tyres, which would explain the black smoke. Let's hope the IAF is not lying, and no Israeli servicement were hurt.

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