Sunday, July 16, 2006

More rockets fell, we heard the explosions very clearly, right after the sirens sounded. We should say thank you very much to Saddam Hussein. Because of the Scuds that he sent this way in 1991 all houses that were built after that had to have a room of concrete and steel, with a specially designed door and window. These rooms give a sense of security, providing as much protection as possible to civilians against attacks such as these. Bomb shelters are much less comfortable, and you have to share them with neighbors and strangers. Our cleaning lady is here right now, and she is completely hysterical. That is maybe understandable but not very helpful, especially when you have to deal with children. Imagine having to share a shelter with a few of those women. Thank G'd my wife is with our children at her parents'. My mother in law is also very stressed these days but my wife just told me that she is controling herself very well in front of the kids. They are calm, finished their breakfast in the bunker and are playing. Now I am going down to our own security room again, because another volley of missiles appears to be on its way. Stay tuned.

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