Friday, July 14, 2006

Most of the night we slept very well in our security room. In the newsflashes in English and Hebrew on Ynet and Ha'Aretz I do not see any mentioning of new rocket attacks on Israel last night, so maybe Israel's response is bearing fruit. Sorry for the Lebanese, but they are simply paying the price for their ( government's and the UN's ) weakness and indecisiveness. The UN, France and several other countries and international organizations think that it should be only Israel that pays that price. Well, I couldn't care less. It seems that most French believe that Zinadine Zidane had the right to defend the honor of his mother and sister in a violent way. With all due respect, the safety of my family and of all soldiers and citizens of my country means more to me than the honor of les dames Zidane, and I think that Israel's violence is well measured and not less proportional than Zizou's. I applaud the IDF and IAF for defending me and my family and for trying to neutralize everybody who chooses to attack us. That neither France nor the UN has specifically mentioned Damascus or Teheran while condemning Israel over and over again says enough. As always, quod licet Iovi non licet bovi, with Allah and the ayatollahs playing the role of Jupiter and Israel that of the ox.
Thanks to all of you who sent their good wishes and prayers to me and my family, by e-mail, through weblog comments and otherwise. That means a lot to me. Sorry to the reader from Belgium who sent me a polite e-mail asking why Israel does not comply with the resolutions about the occupation by leaving the Westbank and East-Jerusalem. He is convinced that would result in 'immediate peace'. While I mean every word of the response that I sent him it probably sounds a bit more aggressive than I intended. After all, I am a bit pissed off right now and while I have always supported an end to the occupation I believe that the occupation has nothing to do with what is going on in Lebanon and Gaza these days, but more with developments in Iran and Syria, and that the plight and the unenviable fate of the Palestinians is abused by ayatollahs and other terrorists for their own political ends. It is not Israel's fault that the world chooses to look the other way and to blame Israel, and Israel alone. For the time being Israel should not allow the world to decide what is and what is not a proportional response. It should care first and foremost about the safety of its soldiers and citizens, in particular because it is the only one ( except for our true supporters ) who seems to care about that. As soon as the threats to our living normal lives are really lifted we can start talking about proportions and solutions again. Shabbat shalom.

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