Friday, July 28, 2006

One more remark before we are off to the Tilburg fair. Before we came to Holland it almost seemed that all Dutchmen and -women blame Israel for the war and only support Lebanon, and in some cases Hezbollah. The news coverage in most media has been pretty one-sided, and on internet fora and other websites much feedback has been very anti-Israel ( and in many cases - e.g. de Telegraaf - simply anti-Jewish ). In the week since we arrived here I have heard quite different views, I must say. In stores, restaurants etc. people often asked us which language we speak or where we come from, and every time that we said that we are from Israel, and that we basically fled the rockets on Haifa, we received encouragement and only positive feedback, without even one exception. It seems that the average, working, native Dutch(wo)man understands Israel's plight and the problems that we face much better than those whose loud voices appear to dominate the various media.

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