Sunday, July 30, 2006

So the Hezbollah got what it wanted. Here is another example that shows how Islamist terrorists ( of course I should write freedom fighters/militants/people who show solidarity with or serve the interest of the suffering Palestinians/revolutionaries/resistance fighters - choose whatever you want -, but my fingers refuse to do so for an unknown reason ) often heroically choose their targets and use our weaknesses to attack us, knowing that if we respond someone, or many, many someones innocent get(s) hurt, and Israel/the US/the West etc. can be portrayed as the bad guys again. This would not be a very useful tactic ( i.e. terrorists would not achieve anything by it and stop using it eventually, because it would hurt their cause, not serve it ) if only the stupid and gullible bought it. Unfortunately world opinion loves to buy it ( and I won't say that the whole world is stupid, that would be arrogant, wouldn't it? ), and the Chiracs and Anans of the world love to buy it, if only to further their own agendas ( G'd knows what those look like ).
This war is only one phase in Iran's ongoing struggle to achieve nuclear weaponry. So far Ahmadinejad c.s. are succeeding very well. We hear very little about the West's "campaign" to prevent Teheran from going nuclear, and its efforts continue regardlessly and silently. The country's partner in crime in Damascus also scored some vital points, as did of course its puppet in Lebanon. The main loser, besides the Lebanese people ( who should but obviously will never blame their own government and the UN first of all ), is the country that in the end will supposedly be the first target for such weaponry. As long as the world does not recognize the severity of the threat that both Islamism and the Iranian nuclear arms race - two different and separate but not completely unrelated problems - pose beyond Israel ( and as long as the world fails to understand that every aspect of Teheran's foreign and other policies, including the current war in Southern Lebanon and Northern Israel, is linked to that race ) Israel can only rely on itself, and on the conditional help from the United States. If and when Israel will finally decide that there is a point of no return and that it should act in order to stop or at least lessen the Iranian threat, the whole world will bend backwards again in its efforts to blame Israel ( and the Jews ) for endangering world peace by defending itself. I get annoyed as much by Americans critizing France and the French as by Frenchmen talking about the US, but in today's international context it sometimes appears to me that the only way in which world peace can be saved would be by Israel taking some defense lessons from Paris.

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