Wednesday, July 12, 2006

From today onwards Israel is involved in an all-out war on two fronts. I am not a legal expert but I would say that the Hizbullah attacks, even more than the attack that killed two soldiers and ended with the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit almost three weeks ago, are a casus belli in every sense of the word. Israel can and should respond massively, attack all possible targets linked to Hizbullah and to every Lebanese and Syrian element that supports that organization. Civilian targets should be avoided, of course, but if Lebanese ( or Syrian ) civilians get hurt that should not stop Israel from achieving its objectives. This is a classic example of a war of choice, chosen by Hizbullah, by its Iranian and Syrian puppet masters and by its Lebanese landlords. Each of those will have to be held accountable. Israel's government and the IDF have to make sure that all our neigbors will know again that provoking Israel just isn't worth it. I am sorry for the innocent Palestinians and Lebanese who will pay for this with their lives and with their misery. Also, I am sure that the UN and many other international bodies will condemn Israel's actions, but if they are unable to do their job in Southern Lebanon properly and unwilling to acknowledge that Israel has the right and even more the duty to defend its citizens - civilians and soldiers - then, well, $#$@%">$#$@% them.

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