Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We slept very well this night. Two minutes after my wife and I joined our children in the security room for the night the sirens sounded. We listened to the radio on our mobile phones ( it is good we upgraded our phones last week, some of the new functions come in very handy ) for a few minutes, heard that everything seems to be o.k., and went to sleep. Because we close all the roll-down shutters at night and the window in the security room is hermetically closed ( we leave the door open and only close it when the sirens sound ) the house is very dark at night, so nobody wakes up early in the morning because of sunrays that enter the windows in the kitchen or in the children's bathroom. Whereas the children normally wake up at 6 or 6.15 AM these days we often sleep until 7. It appeared we missed a siren early this morning because we all asleep.

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