Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yesterday I got myself a new cell phone. Instead of the Nokia 3100 that I really liked I got a Nokia 6230i which has all the features of the 3100 plus many more. My parents-in-law received an offer from a sales representative of their and our cellphone provider to upgrade the 'dinosaur' that my mother-in-law was using, and it turned out that my wife and I could upgrade our phone as well for almost nothing ( don't ask me how, but believe me that the deal was worthwhile: you can trust my wife when it comes to comparing prices and features, and her and her father when it comes to driving sales people crazy and getting good deals ). The only thing that interested me was the phone's size ( small ) and weight ( light, 99 gram), and the size of its memory. I use my cellphone more as a calendar, organizer, alarm clock etc. than as an actual phone, so the fact that the memory of the 6230i is much bigger than that of the 3100 convinced me that there was no reason why I should not upgrade. Also, I can use my phone as a voice recorder ( up to one hour ), radio, MP3 player ( a feature that I will not use, I think ), camera, and I have no idea what else.

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