Monday, July 17, 2006

Yesterday I was contacted by the editor of a Lebanese newspaper for an interview through e-mail. I hesitated because, after all, we are at war, maybe not with Lebanon itself as much as with Hezbollah but still. I decided to go for it - contacts between ordinary people will be the basis for any normalization eventually, I want to believe - and answered the questions, without being too specific, in fact not saying anything that I had not said on my weblog, which - I know - is read in Lebanon as well, just as I read Lebanese and other Arab blogs. I just got an e-mail from the editor telling me that the article probably cannot be published: it is illegal under Lebanese law to contact Israelis, which means that no direct quotes can be attributed to me or any other Israelis, or the Lebanese government will shut the newspaper down. That's a shame. Maybe in a more normal world the two of us will be able to have a cup of coffee in Haifa or Beirut one day.

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