Friday, August 04, 2006

After a long, very personal posting that I wrote in Dutch the other day was published on a Dutch-Jewish website, a few brave Israel 'supporters' thought it was necessary and funny to start harrassing me. They left commentaries on this weblog and links on other weblogs ( example ). What they basically claim is that my family and I deserve what we got because a year ago I supported ( and I still do support ) the Gaza disengagement plan. It is telling and interesting to see that in the three weeks since the war started no real Israel-hater found it necessary or appropriate to harrass me or attack this blog otherwise. With friends such as the one in the example above - who compares taking care of one's children and pregnant wife to running like a rabbit -, who needs enemies? I deleted all comments, banned the commentators ( whose IPs all start similarly, if I am not mistaken ), and only replied to a few comments, on other websites. I will continue to ban and delete, and their IPs make them less anonymous than they would like to be, but for the rest I think I will just try to ignore them. Friends and real supporters keep on sending e-mails or supporting us otherwise. Thank you all for that. One of my best friends - no matter how far apart from each other we live: while I left Holland to go south she left and went up north - called me this evening, we talked for about half an hour, it was a very warm and uplifting conversation ( nogmaals heel erg bedankt ). Another very good friend we will meet tomorrow evening. With such friends ( and with the support that I receive from my parents, my siblings and our family in Israel ) who cares about enemies?

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