Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another example of good, responsible and objective journalism, this time by the Associated Press, is the headline that I read this morning on Yahoo! News: "Rockets hit Lebanon despite cease-fire" . The article itself is not so bad, at least the half million Israeli refugees are mentioned, but for God's sake, why - if not because of total bias, an absolute insensitivity to suffering when the victims are Israeli, and/or some kind of admiration for those romantic freedom fighters who fight the evil Zionist entity hiding behind a whole people's back - would one use this headline, which refers to ten Hezbollah rockets that according to the Israeli army landed in Southern Lebanon earlier today? I am not one of those who search for each and every biased piece of bad journalism - I simply do not have the time for that, and it depresses me - but even if on a daily basis you just read the main headlines of some major, highly respected news sources you are constantly confronted with prejudices and preferences, in this war more than ever before it seems, and hardly any of that bias is favorable to Israel and/or the Jewish people.

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