Tuesday, August 15, 2006

For more than a month we did not hear very much about Iran's nuclear program, and even less about Western efforts to stop it. That program continued, and some more half-hearted Western efforts were made, but they definitely did not make the main headlines. Those headlines were of course made by the war initiated by Iran's puppet in Lebanon and supported by Hizbullah's puppet masters in Teheran ( and Damascus ). The cease-fire that basically ended this phase of an ongoing war is barely one day old, and we are reminded today that the last Lebanon war was probably nothing more than a prelude to what can be expected in the future. Today Iran reiterated the threats that we heard over and over again in the months that preceded the war between Hizbullah and Israel. Let's hope Israel will not allow its most dangerous enemies to surprise us the next time, and that the Jewish state will be able to prevent the ayatollahs from taking the initiative in the next phase of the war.

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