Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I noticed that the number of visitors to my blog suddenly rose very much. It turns out that references to the pictures by Lenny Maschkowsky ( or -i, you never know with those difficult Ashkenazi names :-) ) that I posted here earlier this week found their way to at least two large websites ( click here and here ) in the US. That is the way to do it, show to everybody who wants to listen that the fact that less people have been killed in Israel than in Lebanon is not due to the humane character of our enemies or to a lack of lethal intentions and weaponry on their side, but to simple, good old luck. Our enemy does not only want to simply scare us, he wants to hurt, maim and murder as many of us - Jews, Arabs and others who dare to live in Israel - as possible. The Israeli army, navy and airforce face an almost impossible job when it comes to stopping the attacks, punishing those responsible for the rockets and for all other attacks, destroying their infrastructures and weaponry, killing as many of them as possible and making it as difficult as possible for them to regroup, rebuild and resume their attacks after a future ceasefire. We pray for our soldiers, for their safe return and for the success of their mission. Thank G'd we have the IDF to rely on, rather than the UN, the Lebanese army and France.

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