Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Lebanese government is considering a prisoner exchange with Israel. Huh? I thought Lebanon was/is an innocent victim of the evil actions of Hezbollah and of the even more evil, disproportional reactions of Israel? How come that suddenly Lebanon is a full partner - basically in the name of Hezbollah - in the negotiations that are aimed at obtaining the release of two Israeli soldiers who were kidnapped by Hezbollah, an action that helped to trigger the war? Did the Lebanese government intentionally let Hezbollah do its dirty work? Is Hezbollah's policy official Lebanese government policy? Questions should also be asked about the various third parties ( UN, Jesse Jackson, Italy etc. ) that are competing to play a role in making a deal between Israel and Hezbollah/Lebanon. Doesn't such a role make them in fact accessories to kidnapping, or am I too cynical here? Let's hope that at least these dirty games eventually will result in the safe return home of the three soldiers who are being held by Palestinian and Lebanese terrorists.

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