Thursday, August 17, 2006

The members and supporters of Hezbollah and Hamas are certainly not the only fanatics who ruin the lives of the vast majority of Jews, Palestinians, Lebanese and others who simply want to live their lives in peace and quiet in a state of their own. Israel also has its share of extremists. One of the characteristics of such fanatics is that they often hate, despise and attack their own 'traitors' ( i.e. members of their own tribe who think differently than they do, who do not believe in absolute - religious or political - truths, and who do not see the world- not even the side of those who are supposed to be their enemies - in perfect shades of black and white ) even more than they hate, despise and attack their enemies on the 'other side'. Another characteristic is a total lack of compassion for 'the other'. In many aspects those extremists have more in common with each other than they have with the more moderate members of their own tribes.
An example of absolute insensitivity that is often a sign of extremist thoughts and sympathies could be found in a comment on this weblog. On a posting in which I expressed sympathy with David Grossman and his family, who right now are still sitting shiva for their son and brother Uri z"l, someone - apparently the same person who has been stalking this blog for a few weeks, this time the name Herman was used - thought it necessary to leave the following comment ( I deleted it already ) : "David Grossman..een shmok, niet meer. " ( David Grossman, a shmuck, nothing more. ). Of course I should just have ignored such a comment, but I often point at the common ground shared by the different kinds of fanaticism that are the main motor that keeps this conflict going, and thought that this example should be mentioned.

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