Tuesday, August 01, 2006

News items like this and this are the kind of articles that you will have a hard time finding in most European or other Western media. It is obviously much more interesting and attractive for them to play the Hezbollah game, by exclusively portraying Israel as the bad guy in this war and ignoring the Israeli victims and refugees of the war. Either Israel is not doing anything or enough to get its message heard, or the world is not interested at all and media prefer to use the images that Hezbollah 'prepares' for them. According to HaAretz ( I read this last night but cannot find the link right now, my Search abilities are limited here ) Israel managed to seriously reduce the arsenal of long-range weapons of the organization. Nasrallah & co. were very much interested in provoking an Israeli response that would make Israel look bad and lead to a cease-fire that can be sold as a Hezbollah victory. They partly succeeded but it seems that Israel wants to use what looks like the last phase of the war to achieve some more goals ( all aimed at weakening Hezbollah and making it harder for the organization to hurt Israel after the deployment of the international forces on the Lebanese-Israeli and Lebanese-Syrian border ), and to prevent Hezbollah as much as possible from using any ceasefire to regroup and rearm. I said it before ( and I am not being very original by saying it ), this is a war that Israel cannot win, but it can limit its losses and make sure Hezbollah's gains will be minimal.

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