Friday, August 04, 2006

Yesterday, while I was away with my wife and our kids, a journalist of the Dutch news broadcast ( NOS Journaal ) left a message with my parents for me. I called his colleague back in the evening. They were planning a report on refugees from the conflict who stay in Holland, and my family and I were supposed to be the representative of the Israeli side of the story, in addition to a Lebanese family that is living in an asylum center. I was not too enthusiastic, and told them I had to ask my parents and my wife, but even as I put down the phone I knew my answer would be negative. I did not want to bring a whole circus to my parents' house, I did not want to expose my wife and children on national t.v. ( judging by the comments that I receive lately - and they are from my supposed ''''allies'''' - there are quite a few nutcases out there ), I did not want to spend a whole day in and near my parents' house only so that a television crew could work for one or two hours for the purpose of a three minutes' report, and I had no idea what the final, edited, result would look and sound like. What I have seen on NOS t.v. about the conflict is not too convincing when it comes to objectivity. In the end it could very well seem that those poor Lebanese are suffering in an asylum shelter while those bloody Jews are having a holiday of a lifetime. The latest fear was probably unfounded, my mother saw a report this evening about a Lebanese family, and they were very moderate and sympathetic. Still, I am glad I turned down the offer/request, mainly for the two first reasons. By the way, we had a very nice day in Utrecht, saw a lot of trains, listened to some beautiful music, and ate very well. If only my wife and I could get a real holiday feeling this would really be a holiday of a lifetime. I do not think that the children feel the difference very much, although our daughter had her first real attack of homesickness yesterday ( "Even in the bunker it is more fun than here". Five minutes later she was laughing and screaming again, chasing her little brother in the swimming pool, and today she was her happy, wonderful and lovely self again ).

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