Thursday, September 28, 2006

It seems that the UN forces on Lebanon's southern border have only one task: to provide another cover ( in addition to Lebanese civilians ) for Hezbullah terrorists to hide behind, thereby making it even more difficult for Israel to defend itself in future confrontations between the Jewish state and Hizbullah/Lebanon. Just read this: "...the U.N. troops would mount patrols but would not establish checkpoints on public roads, to avoid inflaming residents. Gen. Alain Pelligrini, the French officer who commands the U.N. force, said the peacekeepers wouldn't even act if they saw weapons being carried openly by Hezbollah fighters. "No, I would ask the Lebanese army to intervene and if the Lebanese army has difficulties in intervening, then we would see what we need to do," he said last week. " Obviously the next war is a matter of when, not if. To know when that when will be, we have to closely watch developments in Iran and Syria in particular. Whenever either or both of those countries are under pressure ( see July 2006 and late November 2005 ) there is a good chance that Hizbullah will start to show its tricks once more. Unless, of course, the UN and the Lebanese army will prevent that. Not!

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