Sunday, September 03, 2006

My wife and our children went back to school/kindergarten today, at the start of the new school year. Back to our daily routine, everybody seems to be very happy about that.
While zapping I heard Foreign Minister Tsippi Livni ( the most positive and impressive surprise in Israeli politics in the last few years, I believe ) on a talk show hosted by Motti Kirschenbaum and Yaron London. At the end of the interview she said something very wise, which I strongly believe in. I will paraphrase the one or two sentences that she said. No matter who is in charge on the other side ( that is not something for us to decide, unfortunately ), Israel should take the initiative on several fronts. Far too long we have been pushed into corners because we had to react to other parties'/our enemies initiatives. We cannot determine who our enemies are but if we take the initiative we decide at least partly where, how and under what circumstances we meet our enemies. That gives us better chances for victories than waiting for others to determine our reality.

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