Thursday, September 14, 2006

That there often is a huge gap between on the one hand the priorities, desires, interests, expectations and opinions of ordinary men and women in a country and on the other the priorities, ideologies and acts of their 'leaders' is nothing new. It is true as much for Israel as it is for Holland, for the US as much as for Iran. An example is the Holocaust cartoon exhibition in Teheran, which - as I read in an article that my brother sent me - turned out to be a flop, with on its busiest days only a few hundred visitors bothering to come and see it. So much effort and propaganda with such a lack of interest and such a disappointing result. At least it was proven that the Iranian regime has a sense of humor, or irony: "Officials said that the exhibition championed freedom of speech, but yesterday they closed Iran's most popular reformist newspaper. One alleged offence was its publication of a cartoon which appeared to show President Ahmadinejad as a donkey."

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