Tuesday, September 26, 2006

When I read that the UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories ( rights that of course are violated only by Israel ) indirectly refered to Israel's actions in Gaza as 'ethnical cleansing', I could not help wondering cynically "If this really is ethnic cleansing, what is the UN doing there, wouldn't they have run away already?" But then, of course, I remembered that the perpetrator of that cleansing is Israel, which justifies the UN's presence and explains the organization's zealous activities in the Strip. I feel very sorry for those poor Palestinians, whose fate depends mainly on incompetent and uncaring leaders, on perpetual aid that will keep them dependent on charity for generations to come, and on the Israeli leadership's lack of vision and need to satisfy its electorate with some feeling of security, but doesn't anybody over there ask even once how much they themselves would profit if their own heroes stopped - and this is just one example of their prolific activities - firing Qassam rockets our way? You do not have to be an economist to understand that if 1) all the money that is now spent on buying, smuggling and producing guns and rockets, on training people how to use those weapons, and on their actual use, plus 2) all the money that could be saved because Israel would not have a reason or excuse anymore to kill 'rocket scientists' and innocent bystanders or to bomb real or presumed weapons' factories of storages, plus 3) all the money that would flow into Gaza because no foreign investors and aid agencies had to be afraid anymore that their investments will go down the drain, if all that was pumped into the Gaza ( and the Westbank ) economy, the Palestinians would be better off. On the other hand, such a situation might force people like Mr Dugard into having to search for another job.

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