Monday, October 09, 2006

Yesterday was a well-spent and even productive fun day. First I had an excellent breakfast with Lisa Goldman in a nice, small Tel Avivian restaurant near her home. This is the fourth blogger whom I have met, after Arnoud and Lila and Michiel, and just like them Lisa turned out to be a very friendly person, with whom I happen to agree on many issues. I spent some time in an archive and bookstore, read an article that I had been looking for for a while ( only to discover that it was not really as good and useful as I thought it would be ), and I even had the time to see Oliver Stone's latest movie: moving, impressive, patriotic but not kitschy except for two moments that I think the movie could do without, believably authentic, very well produced. One of the film's goofs I figured out myself: "In the church scene, the holy day on the hymn board said Pentecost. Pentecost is celebrated seven weeks after Easter, which in 2001 would have fallen on June 3rd, three months earlier." My wife and kids came to pick me up from the train station in Haifa, and we went to the parents' house of a friend of ours to pick up some first-weeks-clothes for our future youngest son. There I discovered a very interesting cookbook by Yisrael Aharoni, with many attractive and apparently easy-to-make recipes based on minced meet ( I really like minced beef ).

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