Wednesday, November 15, 2006

One posting in English, to compensate for the number of postings and articles in Dutch that appeared here recently, in spite of me enjoying a blogbreak.
The UN reported that hundreds of Somali Islamist terrorists joined Hizbullah this summer in the war against Israel. In return, Somali militia received training, weaponry and facilities from Hizbullah, Iran and Syria. Funny, that same UN concluded last week basically that Israel is particularly to blame for the growing gap between Muslims and the West. After all, our conflict with the Palestinians ( which, of course, is the main reason why Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Hizbullah and so many other Muslim countries and terror groups continue to try and hurt/annihilate us ) would close that gap, wouldn't it? Come on, give me a break. I would welcome an end to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as much as most Israelis and many Palestinians ( not only because I wish the Palestinians all the best, but mainly because it would be in the interest of my own people, and it could not longer serve as a believable excuse for the crimes of terrorists all over the world ), but believe me, Islamists and other Muslim fanatics and not-so-fanatics will find dozens of other excuses ( the very existence of a Jewish state in their midst, for instance, or the West's superiority in oh so many fields ) to continue their armed struggle against Israel, the West and all those who refuse to embrace ( their specific version of ) Islam. Interesting to notice that at least two members of the panel that issued last week's reports are well-known friends of Israel and the Jewish people: former Iranian president Muhammad Khatami and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I would not be surprised if Noam Chomsky or Bobby Fischer had been invited to make up the Jewish part of the panel.

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