Monday, December 25, 2006

I love Daniel Barenboim as an artist and performer, and I often agree with what he has to say about 'the situation'. He is here for the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. When asked about ( Israeli ) criticism of his work to promote peace and some form of coexistence ( among other things through his Diwan orchestra ), he replied thus: "It doesn't bother me, the moment you have an opinion about something there will also be people with opposing views – for and against. Who is attacking me? A few political people? How can that bother me? I don't have a better opinion of them than they have of me, so why should it bother me? Do I have a positive opinion of (Moshe) Katzav? No, I don't. I grew up her before the occupation of the Territories when morals and strategy were different. I grew up here at a time when people such as Yeshayahu Leibowitz and Martin Buber were around. Where are they now? That's the problem. The criticism against me ridicules the myth of Jewish intelligence. With every war we win, we emerge weaker politically because we lack political leaders with any intelligence and wisdom to think of another path." Amen to that.

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