Friday, December 15, 2006

Though I believe that Syria is to blame for many of the troubles that plague us, the Palestinians, the Lebanese, the Americans and Iraqis etc., I believe that the indirect overtures made by various spokesmen of the Damascus regime towards Israel should not be brushed aside all too easily. In the early 1970s Anwar Sadat tried to open channels of dialogue with Jerusalem, and he was arrogantly ignored by Golda Meir, who said that he was not serious. That arrogance cost Israel dearly in October 1973, during the war that would give Saddat enough leverage to come to Jerusalem and start peace negotiations with the Begin government four years later. Supposedly it was Henry Kissinger who encouraged Sadat to make war in order to press Israel towards the negotiating table. Let's hope that Olmert does not need another war to understand that talks with the Assad regime should at least be given a try.

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