Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Don't worry, this is not and will never be an all-Dutch weblog. The few postings that I wrote lately just happen to be in Dutch. My blog-break is nearing its end, although it might take some time before I will be blogging as frequently as I used to, and chances are that I will never be blogging that much again. Still, I will continue this blog, only not on an almost daily basis, as I used to. I must admit that I spent too much time on things - blogging being one of them - that should have been somewhere in the middle and not on top of my priorities list. As before, postings will be in either English or Dutch.
The next two weeks I will spend in Paris. I will be working in four different archives, and I will probably meet some colleagues and friends. On the evening before my flight home I will fullfil a dream that I had ever since I was a young teenager: attending a concert by Yves Duteil. This will be the first time that the singer/songwriter performs near Paris when I stay there. I might even hop over to Brussels for a work meeting. If I do I will take my camera with me, I never visited the city of Manneken Pis. Before I came to Israel ( 16 years ago, at the age of 23 ) I never left Holland, except for one day at the Walibi park in Belgium. One advantage of that is that today, almost every place in Europe that I visit ( including large parts of the Netherlands, and many places in Paris, even though I have alltogether spent more than nine months in that city) I see for the very first time.

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