Friday, January 19, 2007

Wanting to find out what the weather in Paris will be when I arrive there on Sunday, I got three different forecasts: partly cloudy, cloudy, and 'few showers'. At least nothing like what hit Britain and Holland yesterday is expected for Paris for Sunday morning, I don't like to land in the middle of a storm. I also found an interesting website, that is for those who understand Dutch. On the site of the Dutch meteorological service you can see what the weather was on any given day from 1901 ( or later, depending on the location: the data of 10 weather stations are given, for Rotterdam the data start in 1956 ) onwards. On my birthday it was hot ( max. 30.6, min. 18.2, average 24.4 Celcius in De Bilt ), on my mother's ( next week she will be 62 years old ) it was mild for the time of the year ( 7.0 degrees average, normally that is - or was, I do not know if global warming was taken into account then - 2.9 ).

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