Thursday, January 18, 2007

When I read this sad news item this morning, several thought came up in my mind. Here are some of them:
  • Poor people in the other car.
  • Poor children. Those who survived already lived without a father, but now their mother is gone too. I feel sorry for the loss of the mother's life particularly because she was a mother, and her children will undoubtedly miss her. She obviously knew that she married a murderer, I would not be surprised if she married him because he murdered seven Palestinians whose only crime was the fact that they were Palestinians trying to earn a meager living for themselves and their families. She was not the only woman in Israel who knowingly married a high-profile murderer because of a strong ideological bond. By the way, those families have lived without their fathers, sons and brothers for almost 17 years now.
  • Once a murderer, always a murderer, apparently. I wonder if Mr Popper will receive an additional sentence for these murders and attempted murders.
  • Are Palestinians who murdered Jews ( or even those convicted of less serious crimes ) allowed any furloughs, let alone as many vacations as this multiple murderer?
  • Why is it that when we see suspects and convicts in courtrooms, interrogation rooms, prison facilities etc. on television, so many ( most? ) of them wear the kippoth that are typical of the newly religious? Are conditions for religious criminals so much better, do they believe that by showing even superficial repentance they will receive more sympathy, or is their teshuva totally genuine? We might never know.

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