Tuesday, February 20, 2007

  • As much fun as it is to criticize Israel's police force, we tend to forget that our country's policemen and -women often work under basically impossible conditions, fighting crime and terror simultaneously. Since 9/11 that goes for police officers all over the globe, but here the threats are more real than anywhere else in the - or let's say the Western - world, and they occur on a daily basis. Today that fact was proven once again. Kudos to the men and women in the navy blue uniforms.
  • Although I think that the A-word is often misused and has lost much of its meaning and power because of that misuse and abuse, I agree with almost every word that Noah Klieger wrote in this op-ed article on Ynet: "Are the attacks on synagogues and community intuitions, desecration of cemeteries and assault of orthodox Jews an expression of 'anti-Zionism'? Was the murder of a young Jew wearing a skullcap and the attempted 'lynch' of another (both in France) carried out in 'opposition to Israel's policies'? Last month, half of Ukraine's population announced that there are 'too many Jews in their country' and that 'their numbers should be minimized'. Is this also anti-Zionism?".

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