Thursday, February 15, 2007

As part of my MA in Middle Eastern history I had to study Turkish for two years. Luckily in the first semester of those studies my wife made a short trip to Turkey with the teachers' union. There she bought me, for either $25 or $50 alltogether, hardback copies of the Oxford Turkish-English and English-Turkish dictionaries. Those dictionaries made life much easier for me for two years. Our teacher was a very interesting and awfully nice woman from - if I remember correctly - Azerbaijan. Just as with my study of Arabic I received excellent grades, but after I finished studying the language I never used it anymore ( I prefered to use my knowledge of other, European, languages instead ) and today I only remember a few words, a sentence here and there, and a little grammar. Still, when I saw the above picture I was able to understand what the poster said, although at first - because of the first word - I thought that it said something much more threatening. It says "Murderer ( Katil ) Olmert, buzz off! ( imperative from the verb defolmak, 'to go away' )".

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