Sunday, February 11, 2007

I have been home for a week now, busy as ever. I did not watch the two movies that I intended to see, but I watched two other nice ones instead: Little Children ( with Kate Winslet, one of my favorite actresses ) and Stranger than Fiction ( I had no idea what the original title was, in France it is named L'incroyable destin de Harold Crick ). Yves Duteil's concert was wonderful, although the location was in the middle of nowhere. It took me about 20 minutes to walk to and from the train station to the concert hall ( I have long legs and walk pretty fast ), and had to leave right after the final encore in order to make it to the last train to Paris ( according to the RATP website and the timetable at the station ), which turned out to be a bus. Thank G'd I more or less understand French ( I read it very well, understand it more or less and can normally make myself understood in the language ), otherwise I would not have understood the nice old man who told me about the bus at the entrance of the station, and I would have waited on the train's platform and missed the bus. The man asked me where I was from, and when I told him what I had been doing in Paris ( collecting additional material for two articles about the Algerian War ) he told me about his tour of duty in Algeria. Around 1 AM I arrived near my apartment, and went for a last drink to one of the better bar-restaurants in the neigborhood, where I sat next to and talked a bit with a friendly couple from Rotterdam. The next morning I left the apartment, and after having watched Will Ferrel for about two hours I took the RER B to Charles de Gaulle airport. Next time that I will visit Paris I will do my best to combine such a visit with a visit to my parents, not only to see them but also to fly home via Schiphol, which I believe ( like Ben Gurion ) is heaven compared to ChdG. It was good to be back in Israel again ( although I do not have to make any serious effort to find plenty of reasons to moan and whine about things here as well ) and even better to see my wife and our kids, but all in all I had a splendid, very productive and still quite relaxed two weeks in Paris, and if it is up to me this certainly was not my last visit to that amazing city.

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