Friday, February 02, 2007

In two days I will be going home already. I had a very pleasant and productive séjour de recherche. I managed to do even more than I planned, read some good books ( essays by Bas Heijne, The Fourth Hand by John Irving - I found a copy on the shelves in the apartment that I have rented for the two weeks -, a concise and good but not very well written Very Short Introduction to World War I, and now I started Total Control by David Baldacci ), ate well and had time to relax and enjoy myself. I watched Borat and will see two more movies this weekend ( probably one of them will be the History Boys ). I bought several books ( Very Short Introductions to Postmodernism and the Crusades, two books by David Liss ), DVDs ( one about Drancy, one with two films about the Shoah by Claude Lanzman, the tv series Band of Brothers with an extra DVD containing documentary material ) and received the complete version of Lanzman's Shoah ( 4 DVDs plus the book ) from a friend. I bought a lot of nice presents for our children and was able to meet some good friends and colleagues. Tomorrow I will probably visit some monuments, and in the evening I will attend the concert by Yves Duteil. Back at home a lot of work is waiting for me, and obviously I will be spending quite some quality time with my wife and children after Sunday, so my blogbreak is not really over yet. Shabbat shalom to all of you.

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