Sunday, February 18, 2007

  1. One embarrassing episode of France's wartime and post-war history ( which is not the same as historiography ) has ended with the death of Maurice Papon.
  2. Robert Adler, an American-Jewish engineer and inventor who escaped from the likes of Papon before the war and who has changed or influenced the lives of virtually all of us, passed away. He was three years younger than the aforementioned French war criminal.
  3. It has been a successful year for Israeli films. An anonymous ( AK? ) commentator writes about Joseph Cedar's award "He must have made one hell of an anti-Israel movie". I doubt that. Few if any of the Israeli movies that are successful abroad are anti-Israel. On the contrary, they often paint a very realistic, human picture of the reality that we live here, and help outsiders to get a slightly better understanding of that reality, and of the problems, fears and difficult choices that we face on an almost daily basis. Such movies are a much better and effective hasbara effort than the empty, often defensive soundbites of most official spokesmen and -women, and they serve our cause many times better than the futile attempts by rightwing feedbackers to 'prove' that the whole world is against us, and that the world in general and Arabs in particular only understand one language. Awards such as those won by Israeli filmmakers in Berlin are rather proof of the exact opposite, I believe.

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