Friday, March 02, 2007

Our daughter dressed up as Snowwhite this morning, our sons as Spiderman and a red-green-yellow caterpillar respectively. Tonight we celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday, tomorrow we will travel to friends who live in a mixed religious-secular community. She is orthodox, he comes from a very secular home. We will have dinner with them and visit the community's synagogue for the reading of the megillah. On Sunday the children participate in the local Adeloyada parade, and late that evening I will take the train to Ben Gurion airport. On Monday morning I fly to Holland, where I will stay for 10 days. I was asked to work on a project, and in Holland I will meet the people who will be working with me on that project. Of course I will also use this opportunity to meet my family and a small number of friends. I might post something during my stay in the Netherlands, but don't count on it. Shabbat shalom, and hag sameah.

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