Thursday, March 22, 2007

This headline ( "Likud cleanest party in Israel, Netanyahu says" ) reminds me of a racist joke that I have heard many times here: "Why is Morocco such a clean country? All the trash came to Israel." True, some of the most serious cases of political corruption today involve members of Kadimah, but most if not all of them are former Likudniks whose main ( alleged ) crimes were committed when they ruled Bibi's party. By the way, as the article point out, Nethanyahu's comments came an hour after the police recommended to charge a former minister and current Likud MK with fraud and breach of trust. Also today the appeal by a former Likud MK against her sentence - she was convicted of bribery and obstruction of justice - was denied. Mmhhh. As I have said before, our biggest problem is not the fact that our leaders are so bad ( and G'd, they are bad ) but that there is no credible, reliable, promising alternative. If a people gets the leaders and the opposition that it deserves, I really wonder what the Israeli people has done wrong to deserve the bunch that has been leading us nowhere for at least the last 30+ years.

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