Monday, April 23, 2007

Although I am not a fanatic when it comes to nationalism(s), I love to listen to national anthems. It really annoys me when during the prize-giving ceremony at the Olympics or at the beginning of an international soccer match during the national anthems - for me the most interesting part of such a match - the audience is shouting, commentators are babbling or - the worst - commercials are aired. There are plenty of beautiful national anthems, the Israeli and Dutch ones among them. I am not sure which of those two I love the most, although I think that I have a slight preference for Hatikvah over the Wilhelmus, which according to Wikipedia is the oldest national anthem in the world. For a rendition of Israel's national anthem by Rivka Zohar, who I believe has one of the most beautiful voices of Israel, click here. It is part of a Ynet project for which several artists recorded their interpretation of Hatikvah. The other ones that can be viewed and heard online are not too interesting, the one by Israel's representatives at the coming Eurovision Songcontest in Helsinki, Tipex, starts off very nicely but then Koby Oz adds a bit too much. I like it plain and simple. By the way, I am looking forward to singing the Wilhelmus near the war monument on Dam Square in Amsterdam during the Dutch national commemoration of the dead on the eve of May 4th, in about a week and a half.

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