Monday, April 30, 2007

In Holland Koninginnedag ( Queen's Day ) is celebrated today. As a kid I loved the day off, but I never really liked the day as such, because together with some other members of the local fanfare ( brass band + saxophones ) my father, brother and I had to play the national anthem somewhere in town, at 7 or 8 AM. Each of the three local orchestras was supposed to play at a different location in the city. Once every three years, when our orchestra had to play on the church tower of the Grote Kerk, I really had a day off: I got exemption because of my severe acrophobia. As you can see the holiday was also celebrated in Tel Aviv, last Friday. That same afternoon we celebrated our daughter's 8th birthday, which was a good excuse not to join the orange party. Tonight there is a reception for all Dutchmen and -women who live in Israel, at the residence of the Dutch ambassador in Herzliyah. I will be absent there as well, I am sure I won't be missed.

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