Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mazal tov to Johan Cruijff, today he celebrates his 60th birthday. Most people love him in one way or another, others cannot stand him because of what they see as his arrogance and omniscience. Still, he often has a point, it seems, such as when he expressed his opinion about the possible takeover by (a) foreign bank(s) of the largest Dutch bank. I am too young to really remember his true heyday(s) as a player, although I do remember him playing for Feyenoord, but both as a player and as a trainer he has been immensely successful, you cannot argue with that. Like most Dutchmen I love some of his famous aphorisms, in Dutch refered to as "Cruijffiaans", the equivalent of Yogiism in ( American ) English. Here is an attempt to translate a few examples:

  • Soccer is very simple/uncomplicated, but the most difficult thing there is, is to play simple/uncomplicated soccer.
  • If we have the ball they cannot score.
  • You always have to make sure that you score one more goal than the opponent.
  • It is better to go down with your own vision than with someone else's.
  • You will only see it when you get it.
  • Every disadvantage has its advantage ( the all-time favorite, also because of the grammatical error and the Amsterdam accent with which it was said; I sometimes use this one in Hebrew )

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