Monday, May 28, 2007

As expected there probably will be a second round to the Labor party primaries in two weeks, with Ehud Barak and Ami Ayalon facing each other. The two exit polls shown on Israeli television served us different outcomes ( Channel 1: Barak-Ayalon 38-36%, Channel 2: Barak-Ayalaon 33-39 % ) but neither of them gives any of the two candidates ( let alone any of the other three ) the 40 % required to rule out a second round.
PS: I like Wikipedia very much, but today I discovered once again that its information is not always very accurate and can often be very biased. It is utter nonsense to say about Ehud Barak: "Barak's greatest achievement as Chief of the General Staff were the deportation of "Hammas" activists to "Marj-el zuhur" in Southern Lebanon, which turned out as a serious upgrade opportunity to "Hammas" terrorist abilities, and also the grand theft of reserve duty soldiers, in which Barak denied travel expenses refunds from poor reserve duty soldiers due to one soldier who was caught cheating."

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