Sunday, May 27, 2007

The other day I already posted about this subject. All of a sudden it seems that Israeli officials have seen the light: this country needs good PR. To be honest, I get the feeling that some of those officials truly believe that all that this country needs is some well-oiled, well-spoken PR machine - as opposed to the failures and defeats that have characterized Israel's hasbara for the last two decades - and all our troubles will disappear. Good, i.e. much better, public relations are badly needed here, that is for sure. Still, I hope that at least most of those officials realize that without a change in policy ( or rather, without defining a policy: the non-policy that appears to guide the current government is even worse than the bad policies of most of its predecessors ) all efforts and money spent on PR will be simply more wasted money and efforts. It will probably be possible to sell and implement a far-from-perfect policy based on changes in the ways in which we deal with our neighbours, but any policy that is based on the status quo, on a continuous occupation of most of the West-Bank and on Israel's 'eternal' control of East-Jerusalem, on simply reacting - mostly in an undecisive manner - to initiatives taken by terrorists ( Hamas, Hezbollah, you name them ), is and will be utterly unmarketable. That is, our politicians might be able to 'convince' us ( they have done so time and again for years ), but the outside world - which I refuse to believe is against us in its entirety - will just not buy such chewed-up scrap anymore. Since our enemies will not change - except for getting even more fanatical, stronger and more experienced on all battlefields, including that of the international media, which together with the home front have become the main front for Israel's wars - it is up to us to transform ourselves and, once and for all, take the initiative.

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