Sunday, June 10, 2007

As I said before, I do not follow all the developments related to the boycott attempts by a number of British unions and organizations. Of course I do read other people's comments on the issue now and then. Sharon Shochat, an Israeli PhD student at the London School of Economics, wrote such a comment, and a very good comment it is. Her conclusion, with which I can only agree:
"The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is perceived by all sides involved as a zero-sum game. "Us" versus "them." When one side wins, the other necessarily loses. This dichotomy serves to keep the conflict alive. The conflict is hungry; it needs feeding. Grievances and hatred need feeding, otherwise they subside. The conflict survives as long as the other side is dehumanized and demonized, as long as individuals who try to speak out are marginalized, and when a whole nation is treated as a unity. The "Israelis." The "Palestinians." Occupiers. Victims. [...] What saddens me most is not that the UCU's decision is self-indulgent. But that it fuels the conflict, adds fuel to the fire. A fire that is consuming us all."

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